What Clients Have To Say About National Debt Relief

Debt is something that is very hard to ignore and when you are faced with an ever expanding credit card balance and are faced with never ending phone calls that come from your creditors. It may become impossible to shrug, smile or wish it away. When you find out about National Debt Relief reviews you may find the solution to your debt problems.

When you start up with a debt consolidation program such as National Debt Relief you may be pleasantly surprised. The program as expressed in various National Debt Relief reviews does, however, take commitment and time in order to complete and there are no promises that you will be debt free within a short period of time.

However, this debt relief program does promise to significantly reduce unsecured and the existing burden of your debts. The company works on assisting any customer that is able to qualify successfully into the program and most of the results speak for themselves in the various National Debt Relief reviews. According to the TrustPilot website the reviews score an impressive 8.5 score out of 10.

debt relief application approvedNational Debt Relief is a New York company that has a BBB accreditation along with various accolades and awards. This company is well known for specializing in the reduction of credit card based debts, specific unsecured obligations, types of business debts, repossessions and medical bills. In addition, National Debt Relief assists their customers in making sure that creditors stop harassing the client at either their work or homes.

According to a few National Debt Relief Reviews, some of the customers on the TrustPilot website had to say the following:

The Good

One customer states that after employment issues that included the start up of business in the year 2008. Led to unsecured debt of around $100,000 unsecured debt. This led to the point where she was unable to meet the minimum payments on her debt. She signed up with National Debt Relief in 2014 and after only two short months her credit card balance was reduced by just over 50%. She received a much needed notification that a settlement was reached that reduced her debt from $11,000 down to $5,000. She is now able to settle her debt within three months thanks to the National Debt Relief program.

Another loyal customer states in their National Debt Relief reviews that everyone that she dealt with at National Debt Relief has been extremely helpful and accommodating of her situation. The company has gone the extra mile in assisting her to feel comfortable and assisting her with her debt.

A further case of a National Debt Relief reviews states that the customer is extremely satisfied with their decision to use the program. This customer reveals that that felt that their debt created a lot of stress and a feeling of hopelessness. Each representative that this customer dealt with offered understanding without any judgments of the client’s situation. This customer is completely satisfied with the decision to use this debt relief program and is grateful for all the help so far.

The Bad

One customer states in a National Debt Relief Review that they had signed up with the program and after three months of payments have still not received a phone call or feedback on their financial situation or a statement. This customer has become irate with the non response and has started to receive phone calls and legal notices from creditors. This customer would like to know if they are wasting money and time where they could be paying this money to the creditors that they owe money to.

Another negative review, a customer states that they signed up with the program in the hope that they would be able to reach the stage that they are back on financial track. They realized that there would be a bit of time and saving up of money. However, they are now receiving various legal judgments and find this to be ludicrous considering they have signed up for the program. This customer hopes to receive assistance soon from the services offered by the program.

Overall, National Debt Relief has 85% 4 and 5 star reviews.

No company is perfect. NDR does its best to help as many people as possible and realizes that not everyone will be happy with its services. That is why they offer a money back guarantee if you’re not happy with how things are going with your creditors.

The goal behind the National Debt Relief program is to provide negotiations those results in a single lump sum payment that results in an elimination of all debts for the customer. The program differs from other types of managed debt reduction as most of the debt settlement cases can be solved within as little as 24 months.

In order to assist customers in saving up for the eventual payoff, this program offers what is known as a FDIC insured trust account, where monthly deposits can be made. However, every case is different but the program has been able to reduce customers’ total debts by up to half on average.

The National Debt Relief Program Covers:

This National Debt Relief program covers a large proportion of mainly unsecured debts as well as certain secured debts. Most of their customers carry what is considered to be credit card debt of significant proportions. This company specializes in the negotiation processes involved with all the main banks and credit card issuers. In addition the program settles the following:

-Certain repossessions

-Medical bills

-Personal credit lines

-Certain judgments and collections

-Specific types of business debts

Recognition, Relief and Accreditation Awards

National Debt Relief reviews show that this company is worthy of accepting recognition. Below are some of the awards received from trusted authorities in this field:

-Top 10 Reviews in the 2014 Excellence Award

-Top Consumer Reviews with a 5 star rating in 2014

-Top 10 Reviews for the 2014 Gold Award for Best Overall Debt Relief company

-A class rating from the BBB

-A U.S Chamber of Commerce member

-A member of the American Fair Credit Council

Proven Results

The National Debt Relief Program continues to provide their customers with ongoing results with a method in combating financial debt problems. There are various debt settlement letters available that provide proof on existing and past customers who have successfully entered the program. This company has outstanding results with various institutions.