Are you afraid to open your mail for fear of finding yet another collection notice?

Would you rather let your phone ring off the hook than have yet another angry and uncomfortable conversation with a hostile collection-agency representative?

Are you worried that you’re just one small slip-up away from losing nearly everything that you own to the bankruptcy process?

Don’t give in to pessimism about your financial future. There are plenty of steps that you can take to slow, stop and reverse the relentless accumulation of unsecured debts that threatens your family’s way of life.

The road to your new future runs through, the home of one of the country’s top providers of debt settlement services. Over the years, National Debt Relief has helped thousands of everyday Americans push back against their creditors and get a grip on their finances. Many past National Debt Relief customers used the company’s powerful debt relief tools to save thousands of dollars and avoid personal bankruptcy. exists to educate visitors about the debt settlement process. Despite the process’s obvious advantages over costly and time-consuming debt relief methods like credit counseling and debt consolidation loans, some misconceptions persist. Many folks simply aren’t sure how debt settlement works and why it’s different from other types of managed debt relief.

National Debt Relief has mounted an effort to push back against the rumors and allegations that swirl around the debt settlement process. Although its proven track record and powerful testimonials are enough to convince most borrowers that debt settlement is the best debt relief option on the market, the folks at National Debt Relief understand that some cautious borrowers aren’t swayed by boisterous claims of success or heartwarming stories from past customers. As such, the company has laid out a clear, compelling and factual case for debt settlement on its site.

When you arrive at, you’ll be greeted by an uncluttered landing page that features an informative introductory video outlining National Debt Relief’s commitment to debt reduction. The video is bracketed by blurbs that offer some basic debt-management tips and further flesh out the debt settlement process.

After watching the introductory video and reading the site’s landing page, you’ll want to head to’s “Qualifications” section. This comprehensive page lays out exactly which kinds of debts are eligible for debt settlement and which kinds can’t be reduced outside of the bankruptcy process.

Many visitors are surprised to learn that virtually all unsecured debts are fair game for settlement. These may include medical bills, old cell phone bills, back rent and countless other obligations. On the other hand, debt settlement can’t touch secured debts like mortgages, car loans, back taxes or student loans. Of course, many past debt settlement customers have kept their secured creditors at bay using the ample funds that they’ve saved using National Debt Relief’s methods. also features dozens of articles about different finance-related topics. Many of these pieces offer advice about reducing debt using bare-bones household budgeting techniques and aggressive repayment plans. Some focus on one aspect of frugality while others talk about big-picture lifestyle changes that may reduce household expenditures.

Still others talk about the benefits and drawbacks of competing forms of debt reduction. Since National Debt Relief is confident that its program is the fastest and most cost-effective debt relief tool in the land, the company isn’t afraid to talk about its competitors’ tactics. At, you can find full-length articles that discuss debt consolidation loans, credit counseling and even bankruptcy in great detail.

National Debt Relief is proud to associate with several trusted national business organizations, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the American Fair Credit Council. In addition, the company safeguards its clients’ online information with cutting-edge TRUSTe Privacy protection.

If you’re intrigued by what you find on, you can live-chat with one of the company’s trained customer service representatives using a convenient pop-up box in the sidebar. These folks are standing by to answer any questions that you might have about debt settlement.

You can get a free quote from National Debt Relief at any time during your visit by filling out the prominently-displayed contact form. If you want to speak to a debt settlement specialist before making any important decisions, you’re welcome to call 1-888-703-4948 as well.

Don’t dawdle any longer. You owe it to yourself and your family to make a positive change and start cleaning up your finances once and for all. Head over to today to learn more about the power of debt settlement.